Every sunday and saturday, a classical american brunch with a french twist. The princpiple is simple, you create your own brunch! French toast, panackes, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh pressed OJ and botomless coffee, you do you and there’s something for everyone! Veggie brunch, your granny’s brunch, foodie’s brunch or mini flamingo’s brunch. Our brunch should get everyone to agree. The brunch price’s is 21€ and 12€ for kids under 12.

Nos Brunchs à emporter


Mini bagel au saumon
Club sandwich au poulet et bacon
Yaourt gourmand brownie et muesli maison
Orange préssée
Dessert au choix lors du retrait



Avocado toast guacamole
Hash brown (galette de pomme de terre)
Soupe carotte & coco
Smoothie poire ananas & citron
Dessert au choix lors du retrait


Réserver un brunch

Either you want to brunch under the magnificient chandelier of the natural history museum, in the museum’s patio when the weather is nice or if you’re in a pop and colorful mood like Sweet Flamingo, bookings open on the previous monday: for the first service at 11/11:30am or the second one at 2/2.30pm!

For your bookings, multiple solutions :

– The form below
– A facebook on instagram message
– By phone

In order to keep a small business identity, your booking requests are processed by humans and not computers. Booking is only confirmed when you receive a reply from us. The form below doesn’t represent a final confirmation of your booking. If you want to book on the same day, prefer a phone call since we aren’t checking emails during service… It’s worth trying since table can get freed on the last minute. Besides, thanks for letting us know as early as possible when anything changes your booking : either to cancel or change the number of guests. We guarantee it doesn’t matter much and we won’t hold any grudge, quiote the opposite! Also, make sure to book as early as the previous monday in order to be sure to get your booking.

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